The Role of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Ensuring Worker Safety

Learn about the crucial role of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in ensuring worker safety. Discover the top five most commonly used PPE items that are essential for safeguarding employees in hazardous work environments.

Tech Revolution in Logistics: A Safer Journey Ahead 

Tech Revolution in Logistics: A Safer Journey Ahead  In today’s fast-paced world, the logistics industry plays a pivotal role in …

Remembering Gresford Colliery: A Reminder of Why Worker Safety Matters

Read to learn more about Gresford Colliery, one of the most devastating coal mining accidents in British history. It paints a grim reminder of why worker safety matters.

What Today’s Safety Standards in Live Events Means to EHS Professionals

Safety for live events is a complicated topic. With an infinite number of challenges faced, it’s one of the most fascinating sectors as a safety professional.  

How Can You Identify Fixable Safety Risks? AI Can Be the Answer!

AI has the potential to spot safety risks faster and more deeply than humans, thereby enabling the loss control team to make recommendations to prevent these risks from causing injuries. 

EHS Trends to watch in 2023

13 EHS Trends in 2023 

13 EHS Trends in 2023  Safety is an essential aspect of any organization, and it is crucial to ensure that …

Are You Keeping Your Employees Safe From Asbestos?

Are You Keeping Your Employees Safe From Asbestos? Are your employees aware of the risks of asbestos to recognize the …

How Safety Drives Logistics Industry Trends

Because the logistics industry involves storing, transporting, and delivering goods of all sizes, safety concerns linger at every step. Warehouse personnel have to work with heavy machinery and equipment, moving pallets all over the facility. Delivery drivers need to pack goods to help ensure their safe delivery, and they have to maintain road safety.

How General Industry Can Improve Fall Protection Overnight

Falls continue to present a constant danger to general industry workers. According to the National Safety Council, more than 800 workers were killed in 2020 from falls in the workplace, and another 211,640 suffered injuries that were substantial enough to require time off from work. To help reduce these numbers, it’s incumbent upon every employer to provide its employees with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to properly navigate situations in which fall hazards are present.

How HazCom Training Will Keep Your Business and Vendors Safe

HazCom, also known as the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS, or HazCom), is a type of training protocol that will keep your business and vendors safe. It ensures and promotes chemical safety in your workplace by making it mandatory to develop and disseminate important information about the identities and hazards related to chemicals.

How Safety Consultant Services Can Help Prevent Event Tragedies

Unfortunately, accidents do happen from time to time due to a variety of factors. A lack of resources, a lack of adequate safety planning, and errors in plan implementation may lead to event tragedies.

3 Types of Safety Audits & How They Differ from Safety Inspections

Discover the differences between safety audits and safety inspections and explore the various types of safety audits available for your organization. Learn how YellowBird’s EHS professionals can help assess workplace safety and compliance to protect your employees and improve your bottom line.

Compliance Corner: OSHA’s Proposed Changes to the Hazard Communication Standard

Learn about OSHA’s proposed updates to the Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200) aimed at increasing worker protection and reducing injuries. Discover key changes including improvements in chemical labeling, Safety Data Sheet information, and alignment with other federal agencies and Canada.

OSHA Top 10 Most Cited Safety Violations 2020

Discover the top 10 most cited safety violations by OSHA in 2020, including fall protection, hazard communication, and respiratory protection. Explore the details of each violation, industries affected, and recommendations for ensuring workplace safety.

6 Safety Trends We’re Watching in 2021

6 Safety Trends We’re Watching in 2021 01/08/2021 Contemplating bringing a Safety Consultant on site but not sure where to …

Celebrating June, the National Safety Month

Explore the significance of National Safety Month and its focus on promoting safety in various aspects of life. From mental health to driving safety, discover how raising awareness can prevent injuries and save lives.

Certifications: How They Make EHS Pros More Effective

Discover how certifications enhance the effectiveness of EHS professionals. From ASP/CSP to Industrial Hygienist certifications, learn how these credentials boost credibility and open doors in the EHS community.