Fun Safety Fact: June is National Safety Month!

Created in 1996 by the National Safety Council, each week in June focuses on a different safety topic. The main purpose of establishing June as National Safety Month was to bring awareness to the leading safety risks in the workplace, home, and communities to help decrease the number of preventable injuries & deaths.

By encouraging safe behaviors, we can help build safe habits. Each week, a different topic gets the limelight. This year’s topics tie into the ever present Coronavirus by focusing on Mental Health & Ergonomics. Additional important topics this year include Building a Safety Culture and Driving.

Mental Health

With the pandemic and stay home orders having changed our world overnight, stress levels are on the rise. So much uncertainty can lead to anxiety and depression. Many employers offer mental health benefits as a part of your benefits package so make sure to revisit your package and take advantage! It’s okay to ask for help.


With so many people working from home without a firm return to work date, ergonomics of the home office are in the spotlight. Make sure to take advantage of NSC’s resources on how to make your work from home space ergonomic friendly to prevent injuries.

Building a Safety Culture

It’s never too late to start! By communicating with your employees that you care about their safety and engaging them by asking for feedback, you can start to build a positive safety culture. Whether that’s forming a safety department or having a professional help make a safety plan for your workplace, every action toward a safer environment counts!


Distracted driving is the cause of 9 deaths and over 1,000 accidents per day in the United States according to the CDC. An easily preventable injury means putting your cell phone down and being present while driving. Keeping your eyes on the road can ensure you reach your destination safely.

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