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YellowBird simplifies extended or temporary pro placement by seamlessly connecting companies with expert professionals for short- or long-term roles. The platform efficiently addresses the urgent demand for EHS specialists, ensuring that organizations can quickly access qualified individuals to enhance their safety and risk management practices. YellowBird’s streamlined process not only saves time but also facilitates a more agile and responsive approach to staffing critical EHS positions.

Examples of Pro Placement Services

Safety Leader

A Safety Leader focuses on immediate safety concerns and preventive measures. They may conduct frequent safety inspections, address any emerging hazards promptly, and ensure that employees are well-informed about current safety protocols. Additionally, safety leaders may lead emergency response drills, analyze incident reports, and swiftly implement corrective actions to mitigate risks and maintain a secure work environment.

Construction Safety Facilitator

A Construction Safety Facilitator plays a crucial role in ensuring safety compliance and promoting a secure work environment at construction sites. They are responsible for facilitating safety training sessions, conducting regular site inspections, and collaborating with project teams to implement and enforce safety protocols. Additionally, Construction Safety Facilitators may investigate incidents, provide recommendations for improvements, and maintain communication channels to address safety concerns promptly.

EHS Specialist

An Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Specialist is responsible for managing and implementing programs to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and the health and safety standards within an organization. They conduct risk assessments, develop safety policies, provide employee training, and collaborate with various departments to create a workplace environment that prioritizes the well-being of employees while minimizing environmental impact. EHS Specialists also play a crucial role in incident investigations, ensuring regulatory compliance, and continually improving safety measures within the organization.

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Pro Placement FAQs

What specialties does Pro Placement cover?

Whether you need a fractional safety manager, to backfill a role while someone is out on leave, or looking for extra safety support on a consistent basis, YellowBird can help.

What is the difference between Temporary Pro Placement and Extended Pro Placement?

Temporary Pro Placement is for jobs two weeks or shorter. Extended Pro Placement is for jobs longer than two weeks.

How is pricing determined for pro placements?

Pricing is calculated based on hours per week, experience level needed for the project, possibly per diem depending on the job and regionality.

How does billing work for pro placement?

For Temporary Pro Placement, 50% payment is required to match you to a Pro and then the remaining 50% is due upon completion of work. For Extended Pro Placement, it is billed in two week increments.

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