YellowBird Construction Safety Consultants

YellowBird connects companies with EHS professionals on-demand. Through our platform, we can help you with all of your EHS Construction needs. Our Professionals are available on demand for as little as a couple hours to as long as you need! Whether it’s a proactive or reactive service, we can also help you address any issues seen while on site.

To start, YellowBird Site Safety Managers can enforce regulations and policies while reviewing your safety plan. In addition, we offer an assortment of training for the construction industry including OSHA courses, Fall Protection Training, First Aid, Confined Space Training, among others. YellowBird can also help you maintain compliance with supplier networks like Avetta or ISNetWorld. Haven’t seen what you’re looking for yet? Click Get Started to tell us more about your EHS Needs!

Site Safety Manager

Whether for a day, a week, a month, or longer, YellowBird Professionals can step in as a Safety Manager to enforce regulations to maintain compliance, review health and safety guidelines with employees through toolbox talks, and much more!

OSHA30 Training

OSHA30 is targeted toward the construction industry, specifically designed for safety directors, foremen, and field supervisors; the program provides complete information on OSHA compliance issues.

Mock OSHA Inspection

A Mock OSHA Inspection helps you identify workplace safety and health hazards that require remediation to ensure your company remains in compliance with OSHA rules and regulations.

OSHA10 Training

OSHA10 covers general safety and health hazards for entry-level workers.

Fall Protection Training

Fall Protection Training helps workers identify possible fall hazards to minimize the number of incidents.

Environmental Survey

Before starting construction, you’ll want to complete an environmental assessment to ensure that all environmental impacts have been identified, estimated, and evaluated.

EHS for Construction FAQs

How does EHS fit into the construction industry?

EHS in construction includes safety training, employee wellbeing, OSHA compliance, safety managers, environmental impacts, and more.

What is a safety audit in construction?

A safety audit consists of reviewing the current safety program in place, the job site itself, and all actions taken to prevent injury. These audits can call out hazards to prevent injuries and non-compliance.

Does my construction site need an EHS professional ?

Absolutely. Having someone on site familiar with the ins and outs of potential hazards and compliance violations will reduce your chances of having those issues.

Are there risks if my construction site does not has an EHS audit ?

There are many risks associated. From OSHA & EPA fines, to incidents (ex: severed limb), to fatalities, there are many hazards that require the trained eye of an EHS Professional to call out issues.