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Safety within the construction industry is paramount, given the inherently hazardous nature of the work. Investing in comprehensive safety measures is not only a moral obligation to protect the lives and well-being of workers but also a strategic move to mitigate project risks, reduce accidents, and enhance overall project efficiency.

Why YellowBird should be a part of your company’s safety culture:

Worker Safety

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety training programs prioritize the well-being of construction workers. Hazard identification and risk assessment contribute to a safer work environment.

Accident Prevention

Safety services implement measures to prevent accidents, such as fall protection systems and barricades. Equipment safety features and alarms help avoid collisions and mishaps on construction sites.

Compliance with Regulations

Safety services ensure compliance with local and international safety regulations and standards. Regular audits and inspections help construction companies meet legal requirements.

Reduced Liability and Insurance Costs

Implementing robust safety measures can lead to reduced liability for construction companies. Lower accident rates and improved safety records may result in reduced insurance premiums.

Productivity Improvement

Safe working environments contribute to increased worker morale and productivity. Efficient safety protocols minimize downtime due to accidents and injuries.

Environmental Management

Safety services encompass comprehensive environmental management, addressing environment concerns along with worker safety. Proper waste disposal and pollution prevention contribute to sustainable construction practices.

Brand Reputation

A commitment to safety enhances the reputation of construction companies. A positive safety record can be a differentiator in winning contracts and attracting skilled workers.

Examples of Construction Industry Services:

Safety Manager

A Safety Manager is a professional responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing safety policies and procedures within an organization, ensuring compliance with regulations and creating a secure work environment.

Mock OSHA Inspection

A Mock OSHA Inspection is a simulated regulatory compliance evaluation conducted within a workplace to assess and enhance adherence to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, identifying potential hazards and ensuring preparedness for official inspections.

OSHA 10 Training

OSHA 10 Training is a 10-hour occupational safety and health course designed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to provide workers with fundamental knowledge on workplace hazards, safety practices, and their rights, contributing to a safer and healthier work environment.

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Construction FAQs

How does EHS fit into the construction industry?

EHS in construction includes safety training, employee well-being, OSHA compliance, safety managers, environmental impacts, and more.

What is a safety audit in construction?

A safety audit consists of reviewing the current safety program in place, the job site itself, and all actions taken to prevent injury. These audits can call out hazards to prevent injuries and non-compliance.

Does my construction site need an EHS professional?

Absolutely. Having someone on site familiar with the ins and outs of potential hazards and compliance violations will reduce your chances of having those issues.

Are there risks if my construction site does not has an EHS audit?

There are many risks associated. From OSHA & EPA fines, to incidents (ex: severed limb), to fatalities, there are many hazards that require the trained eye of an EHS Professional to call out issues.

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