About us

Our Story

The YellowBird team consists of people who genuinely care about safety, the impacts of a healthy workplace, and the environment. This is our “Why” which drives everything we do.

Why Are We Called Yellowbird?

Before gas detectors existed, miners in the 1800’s would carry a caged canary down into the mine and keep the bird by their side as they worked. The birds’ heightened sensitivities would cause it to faint and fall off its perch if it was exposed to poisonous gas or the oxygen level dropped. This alerted the miner to get out as soon as possible for his own protection.

We chose to pay tribute to those canaries with our namesake. While the era of canaries in coal mines has – thankfully – ended, YellowBird continues the mission of keeping our friends, neighbors and loved ones safe at work every day. In and out of the coal mine.

Who We Are

We also proudly have the next generation of young, ambitious, and exuberant difference-makers who come to work every day knowing they are conduits of change in the ‘Safety People Business’.

As a purpose-driven company, our goal is to employ and engage passionate people who understand they are making a difference in people’s lives. Their actions at YellowBird help get employees, visitors and everyday people home safely to their family and loved ones.

Our Leadership

Michael Zalle

Founder & CEO

Michelle Tinsley


Megan Trummel

Vice President of Marketing

Derek Hogan

Vice President of Sales

Our Advisors

Richard Boals

Sharon Love

Henry Darwin

Brian Cooper

Renwick Deville

Glenn Leier

Our Board of Directors

Josh Tanenbaum

Ray Campbell

Geoff Heekin