Safety Consultant Services That Make the Manufacturing Industry More Efficient and Mistake Free

Maintaining a safe work environment is critical to the success of any business. For companies in the manufacturing industry, it’s especially important to observe all relevant safety regulations to prevent injuries, incidents, or other preventable disruptions. The CDC estimates that over 13 million manufacturing workers are at an increased risk of being injured on the job. Among the various occupations in the manufacturing sector, incidents occur most often in the production of wood products, metals, and transportation equipment.

In 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that around 15 percent of all reported workplace injuries occurred within the manufacturing sector. Although the number of fatalities has steadily declined over the past 15 years, it remains essential for companies to implement comprehensive workplace safety protocols to protect workers from injuries, accidents, or fatalities. To foster a safe and secure environment for workers, many businesses are investing in dedicated safety consultant services for experienced guidance regarding OSHA guidelines and hazard mitigation. Read on to learn more about how hiring a safety consultant can drastically improve the overall safety and efficiency of your manufacturing operation.

Why Safety Consultant Services Are a Good Investment

With the support of an EHS professional, your business can avoid many common incidents in the workplace that may result in injury or death. A safety consultant will also help you to navigate the legal and financial intricacies associated with work-related incidents when they do occur. In addition, an EHS professional understands local and federal laws related to manufacturing workplace safety, so they can help you avoid potential compliance issues at your business.

When you hire an EHS professional, you’re essentially acquiring the support of an unbiased third-party expert who knows exactly how to enhance your pre-existing workplace safety measures. Your safety consultant will walk you through the audit process and point out issues that undermine worker safety. With fewer incidents, your company will encounter fewer disruptions to your business workflow, leading to greater efficiency and more productivity.

Specific Safety Consultant Services That Make Manufacturing Safer

EHS experts offer a wide variety of services that help to foster a safer environment for workers. Here are some of the critical safety services an EHS consultant can provide:

Mock OSHA Inspections and Worksite Audits

EHS professionals can perform mock OSHA inspections and workplace safety audits so you can identify potential hazards long before they cause an injury or incident. In addition to highlighting possible violations, an EHS consultant will also verify the accuracy of your company’s safety literature, training materials, and incident records. Any discrepancies or unaddressed hazards will be brought to your attention immediately, instead of coming up in a real-life audit where the stakes are higher.

Contract Safety Director Support

An EHS consultant can also fill the role of a part-time safety director for your company, managing everything from employee safety training to emergency preparedness and workplace incident investigation. A contract safety director will assist with the development and implementation of safety protocols that are uniquely suited to the hazards of your specific manufacturing environment. With their help, your company will maintain a safer workplace.

Assistance with OSHA Standards Compliance

Your EHS consultant will carefully evaluate the existing safety program at your company to ensure compliance with OSHA standards. Rely on an EHS professional to help you navigate the intricacies of OSHA regulations related to hazardous chemicals, personal protective equipment, fall protection, and more. An EHS professional will ensure systems are established for employees to follow a consistent set of safety protocols in the workplace that align with OSHA expectations.

Project and Site Safety Development

For companies who manage multiple projects and worksites at once, it’s essential to develop safety protocols that address the specific hazards presented to employees or contractors in those unique environments. One project may require operating within a confined space, while another requires enhanced fall protection systems for workers. An EHS consultant will verify that your sites and ongoing projects follow the proper safety regulations.

Incident Investigation

It’s critical to immediately determine the root cause of workplace incidents to prevent disruptions in the future. When an incident, injury, or other unexpected event occurs on the job, your EHS consultant will investigate what happened and why. They’ll be able to provide recommendations for the future to prevent a repeat incident. These investigations support the overall safety of your workers moving forward while simultaneously keeping fraudulent claims at bay.

Lockout Tagout Program Implementation

OSHA’s lockout tagout program outlines how workers may protect themselves from potentially hazardous energy discharges related to heavy machinery or energized equipment. By adhering to lockout tagout practices, you can drastically reduce the prevalence of workplace injuries or incidents like caught-in or between and amputation. Your EHS consultant will educate employees and contractors on how to follow and implement LOTO procedures that OSHA requires.

Slip, Trips and Fall Protection

Falling or slipping on the job remains a leading cause of many work-related injuries. Your EHS consultant may recommend solutions like adding handrails to certain stairwells or investing in upgraded fall harnesses and lanyards for employees working at heights. In addition, refresher training on Fall Protection can keep safety front of mind for your workers.

Get The Right Safety Consultant Services

If you’d like to improve the safety of your manufacturing environment and ensure compliance with OSHA, hiring an EHS professional can make the task much easier. Companies with a dedicated EHS consultant drastically reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring in the workplace, ultimately minimizing the company’s liability from safety violations or injury claims.

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