YellowBird has vetted and experienced
EHS and Risk Management Professionals
in every industry!

YellowBird Industries

YellowBird’s Risk & EHS Pros have a wide range of knowledge across every industry. Our Pros collectively represent over 200 unique certifications and boast an average of 13 years of experience. Read on for the top industries we serve.


Construction is one of the most heavily regulated industries for maintaining safe practices. In order to avoid incidents, fatalities, and fines, the workforce should be properly trained and the appropriate policies and procedures in place.


Whether it’s a training & certification program to help bring down a client’s rates or a loss prevention visit to help your client achieve best practices, our YellowBird EHS Professionals can help.


Manufacturing comes with inherent risks in the workplace. By creating and maintaining a safe environment, employee productivity will increase, while incidents and fines decrease.


EHS is a pillar in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Solar, and Electric industries because most of the operations, chemicals and end products associated with production are known to pose serious safety and health threats to workers.


Warehousing, transportation, shipping, and other logistics-related industries are known to pose serious safety and health threats to workers. Let our YellowBird Professionals help ensure your workforce goes home every night safely.

General Industry

Even if your industry isn’t considered high risk, there are still potential hazards in every workplace. YellowBird has experience matching skilled Professionals in every industry, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve worked hard to reduce any accidents or injury for your team members.