Join YellowBird’s Canary Club

The Canary Club by YellowBird offers an exclusive chance for EHS-focused companies, those seeking risk and safety services, or the associations that support them, to increase visibility to shared audiences and support growth initiatives. Our partnership initiative is tailored to align with your unique vision and involves cross-promotion to reach our common target audiences, ensuring our goals benefit both parties.

Canary Club Benefits

Co-Branded Landing Page(s) hosted on

Co-Hosted Webinar (Promoted to both YellowBird and Member Audiences)

Member-Written Blog on YellowBird’s Blog with a Mutually Agreed Upon Topic

Social Media Copy and Graphics Provided for Both YellowBird and Partner Platforms

Member Logo Representation on YellowBird’s Website

Referral Code Provided for Revenue Generation

Member Information Included in Monthly Newsletters

Co-Hosted Canary in a Coal Mine Podcast with Strategic Theme/Topic

Canary Club Partners

Make connections and get paid for the closed deals that are generated from direct client referrals.