Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQS

What is EHS?

Environmental, Health and Safety (also known as EHS) is a niche sub-industry designed to protect employees and the environment. EHS covers a wide variety of scenarios in every industry to keep employees and the greater community safe and healthy while on the job.

Is YellowBird a staffing agency?

Do we help you staff safety roles? Yes. Are we a staffing agency? No, we’re not. YellowBird’s platform uses AI technology to match EHS Professionals with companies seeking safety and risk management services for short-term and long-term jobs. We match Companies to Pros to help them avoid the struggles surrounding vetting, the biases within the hiring process and the lengthy interview process.

Is there a fee to work with YellowBird?

It is free to sign up for the YellowBird platform and free to use. On average, YellowBird’s take rate of a posted job is between 30-36%. We do our best to maintain this rate, however, there are circumstances and variables based on the job’s specifications and requirements that can modify the rate. Contact our Sales team for more information.

Does my company need an EHS Professional?

Every company – no matter the industry or size – will have an EHS need. Our EHS Professionals are on demand and available to you as soon as the next day to guide you through your next safety training, assessment, content creation, and more.

Do specific industries require EHS compliance?

Yes! Each industry has their own set of EHS standards and regulations in addition to various government regulations (OSHA, EPA, FDA, MSHA, etc.) within their industry. You can learn more about specific industry needs here.

What industries are the most high risk for EHS incidents?

The industries that are most at risk for EHS incidents are ConstructionEnergyManufacturing and Logistics. Each industry has its own risks and EHS service needs based on the nature of work.

How can I improve the safety culture at my company?

It can be hard to know where to start, but creating a positive safety culture can build confidence with your staff as a health focused employer and in turn can reduce your workers’ compensation claims. Work with a YellowBird Risk Management or EHS Professional to help build a comprehensive EHS plan and a healthy safety culture.

What are the core three EHS disciplines?

The core disciplines of the EHS Industries are Occupational Hazards, Environmental Hazards, and Employee Training.

What is your insurance policy coverage?

We cover every YellowBird Professional directly with two policies: Professional Liability coverage up to $1 million as well as Occupational Accident Coverage (OAC) up to $1 million. The Professional Liability insurance shelters personal assets from any customer liability. The OAC is similar to Worker’s Compensation, but is designed to cover independent contractors. OAC does cover any medical assistance/rehabilitation if injured while doing work on a YellowBird Job. In addition to those policies, YellowBird also holds a General Liability policy, Cyber Insurance, and an Executive/Officers policy.

EHS for Construction FAQs

What is EHS for construction?

EHS in construction includes safety trainings, employee wellbeing, OSHA compliance, safety managers, environmental impacts, and more.

What is a safety audit in construction?

A safety audit consists of reviewing the current safety program in place, the job site itself, and all actions taken to prevent injury. These audits can call out hazards to prevent injuries and non-compliance.

Does my construction site need an EHS professional ?

Absolutely. Having someone on site familiar with the ins and outs of potential hazards and compliance violations will reduce your chances of having those issues.

Are there risks if my construction site does not has an EHS audit ?

There are many risks associated. From OSHA & EPA fines, to incidents like a severed limb, to fatalities, there are many hazards that require the trained eye of an EHS Professional to call out hazards and help provide remedies.

OSHA Compliance Training FAQs

How do I access an OSHA Authorized Trainer?

Sign up on YellowBird today and post a Job for your OSHA Class! We’ll match you in as little as two hours to an OSHA Authorized Trainer to get your employees up to speed.

Who needs to be trained on OSHA Compliance?

Your hands on workers are most likely the ones who need to be trained. Training and other regulations vary by industry and employee’s tasks. Call YellowBird today to determine what OSHA training is needed for your organization.

How can I get OSHA training for my employees?

YellowBird has licensed trainers available to provide a variety of OSHA classes and certifications in both English and Spanish.