Guarding Our Earth: Navigating Environmental Impact and Oil Safety 

Explore the environmental toll of oil spills and leaks, and learn about innovative approaches to mitigating their impact. Discover how technology, training, and collaboration can safeguard our planet from the ravages of oil-related disasters.

The Role of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Ensuring Worker Safety

Learn about the crucial role of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in ensuring worker safety. Discover the top five most commonly used PPE items that are essential for safeguarding employees in hazardous work environments.

Tech Revolution in Logistics: A Safer Journey Ahead 

Tech Revolution in Logistics: A Safer Journey Ahead  In today’s fast-paced world, the logistics industry plays a pivotal role in …

Women in Construction Week

Empowering Progress: Celebrating Women in Construction Week 2024

Empowering Progress: Celebrating Women in Construction Week 2024 In an era where gender, diversity, and inclusivity are at the forefront …

Shock-Proofing Your Day: A Guide to Electrical Safety for Utility Workers 

Shock-Proofing Your Day: A Guide to Electrical Safety for Utility Workers  As Utility workers play an indispensable role in keeping …

Keeping Nonprofits Safe: The Mission of Safety for Nonprofits (S4NP) 

Many of us dedicate our time and resources to supporting the invaluable work of nonprofit organizations. They tackle some of society’s most pressing issues, from providing vital social services to protecting the environment. But how often do we stop to consider the well-being of the individuals who make these missions possible? This is where Safety for Nonprofits, also known as S4NP, steps in to play a critical role. 

Navigating the Road Ahead: Unveiling the Future of Automotive Safety 

In a world sprinting toward a technology-driven future, the automotive industry is no exception. As we anticipate the advancements that await us, one area that stands out is automotive safety.

Fire Safety at Work: A Comprehensive Guide to Fire Protection and Safety in the Workplace 

Ensuring fire protection and safety in the workplace is a fundamental responsibility for Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) professionals and companies alike. Every year, workplace fires result in significant property damage, injuries, and even fatalities.

Prepare for 2024 with an Annual OSHA Compliance Checklist

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for ensuring that employees have a safe and healthy work environment. As a result, businesses must comply with OSHA standards and regulations to avoid citations and penalties.

Lessons Learned Through Independent Safety Pro Contracting

As an independent contractor in the EHS Industry, I have learned countless lessons about business, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. It has been a challenging yet rewarding experience that has allowed me to work with like-minded companies and individuals to help enhance their safety cultures.

Embracing the Future: Top Environmental Health and Safety Trends in 2024  

The landscape of EHS is rapidly evolving, driven by advancements in technology, changing regulations, and a growing global awareness of the need for sustainable practices. Read on for the top EHS trends that are shaping the way organizations approach environmental stewardship, employee well-being, and overall safety in 2024. 

Remembering Gresford Colliery: A Reminder of Why Worker Safety Matters

Read to learn more about Gresford Colliery, one of the most devastating coal mining accidents in British history. It paints a grim reminder of why worker safety matters.

How to Become a Safety Officer: What Employers Want

Occupational safety and health is a worthwhile career path, and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of OSHA specialists and technicians is projected to grow 7% from 2020 to 2030.

What Today’s Safety Standards in Live Events Means to EHS Professionals

Safety for live events is a complicated topic. With an infinite number of challenges faced, it’s one of the most fascinating sectors as a safety professional.  

How to Keep Remote Workers Safe  

Regardless of location, safety should always be a top priority for all employees. Empower your employees to feel safe in their work environment, regardless of location.

Canary in a Coal Mine podcast

Canary in a Coal Mine, a Groundbreaking Podcast by YellowBird,  Explores Safety and Risk Industry 

YellowBird announces the launch of its highly anticipated podcast series, Canary in a Coal Mine. The podcast is available for streaming!

The Beauty of EHS Consulting

Whether you like to work independently or in a team setting, you can find a niche for yourself within the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) industry.

How HR Can Best Communicate Safety to Employees 

As a Human Resources (HR) professional, you play a key role in communicating safety practices and procedures to your organization.

Four Years. Still Flying.

Four Years. Still Flying. 07/25/2023 by Michael Zalle, YellowBird CEO & Founder YellowBird is four years old. How did that …

How Organizations Can Protect Workers with Proper Respiratory Programs

OSHA holds employers responsible for providing a safe work environment for employees. Respirators are an excellent tool to protect the lungs, but they can pose a health risk if misused.

Safety is the Smart Career Move: Why Becoming an EHS Professional is Satisfying and Smart

The field of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) is increasingly important in today’s world. With companies facing more regulations and scrutiny regarding their impact on the environment and employee safety, the demand for EHS professionals is on the rise.

How Can You Identify Fixable Safety Risks? AI Can Be the Answer!

AI has the potential to spot safety risks faster and more deeply than humans, thereby enabling the loss control team to make recommendations to prevent these risks from causing injuries. 

The Benefits of Attending EHS Conferences

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) or Risk Management conferences can be a worthwhile investment for both organizations passionate about safety and EHS Professionals.

Safety Leadership: It’s More Than Just a Title

Safety leadership involves the actions, behaviors, and decisions of leaders that prioritize and promote safety in the workplace. Merely possessing technical competence is insufficient to achieve the required safety outcomes.

YellowBird Raises over $6M in Seed Round

EHS and Risk Management Platform YellowBird Raises $6.25M in Oversubscribed Seed Round

EHS and Risk Management Platform YellowBird Raises $6.25M in Oversubscribed Seed Round PHOENIX (April 19, 2023) – YellowBird, a leading …

Why We Invest in Insuring the YellowBird Pros  

These insurance policies are a huge benefit to the organizations we work with. By providing insurance coverage to our Pros, our clients can transfer the risk associated with their operations to the insurance provider, which can reduce overall liability. In the event of an accident or damage caused by a YellowBird Pro, the insurance coverage can provide our clients’ financial protection, mitigating the financial impact of a potential loss. This coverage provides peace of mind for companies by reducing some of the uncertainty and risk associated with working with contractors. 

Michael Zalle: Entrepreneur in Residence for 2gether International

Expanding on the “Why,” YellowBird Founder Shares his Entrepreneurial Insights with DEI-Focused Community 

Entrepreneurship is never easy, but for individuals born with disabilities, the road can be even tougher. Despite the challenges, many individuals with disabilities have achieved remarkable success in entrepreneurship, paving the way for others to follow in their footsteps. One such individual is Michael Zalle, the Founder & CEO of YellowBird. Michael was recently selected as an Entrepreneur in Residence for 2gether International, an organization that empowers entrepreneurs with disabilities to create and grow their own businesses. 

EHS Trends to watch in 2023

13 EHS Trends in 2023 

13 EHS Trends in 2023  Safety is an essential aspect of any organization, and it is crucial to ensure that …

Are You Keeping Your Employees Safe From Asbestos?

Are You Keeping Your Employees Safe From Asbestos? Are your employees aware of the risks of asbestos to recognize the …

9 Tips on Self-Care for EHS Professionals

Discover nine essential self-care tips tailored for EHS professionals to maintain balance and well-being in both personal and professional life. From work-life balance to feedback and personal development, prioritize self-care to excel in your role as an EHS professional.

How Safety Drives Logistics Industry Trends

Because the logistics industry involves storing, transporting, and delivering goods of all sizes, safety concerns linger at every step. Warehouse personnel have to work with heavy machinery and equipment, moving pallets all over the facility. Delivery drivers need to pack goods to help ensure their safe delivery, and they have to maintain road safety.

Common Mistakes Seen in Safety Audits

Safety audits play a critical role in helping companies maintain safe work environments. They ensure employee safety, help boost productivity and efficiency, and keep you compliant with your industry’s health and safety standards. Despite your best efforts, there are still a lot of things that can go wrong. Understanding the potential pitfalls can help you avoid them. Follow this guide to learn more about the most common mishaps and ace your next safety audit.

How General Industry Can Improve Fall Protection Overnight

Falls continue to present a constant danger to general industry workers. According to the National Safety Council, more than 800 workers were killed in 2020 from falls in the workplace, and another 211,640 suffered injuries that were substantial enough to require time off from work. To help reduce these numbers, it’s incumbent upon every employer to provide its employees with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to properly navigate situations in which fall hazards are present.

Why Employees Should Have CPR and AED Certification

Cardiac arrest happens when the heart suddenly fails to function properly, potentially causing individuals to collapse and lose consciousness. According to OSHA estimates, some 10,000 people experience cardiac arrest in their workplace every year. The first few minutes following cardiac arrest are critical. When it occurs, blood flow and breathing are severely inhibited or can stop altogether.

Baby Birds: Risky Living Until They Take Flight

People see that we are solving real problems within the EHS and Risk Management sectors. What you don’t see from the outside is the grind, the three years of raising capital, the big wins, the competitive losses and the team putting one foot in front of the other. Having a solid team alongside you, a co-founder who is also willing to sacrifice, and an executive team that steps up and LEANS IN when times are tight…that’s when you know you have the right people around you.

How HazCom Training Will Keep Your Business and Vendors Safe

HazCom, also known as the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS, or HazCom), is a type of training protocol that will keep your business and vendors safe. It ensures and promotes chemical safety in your workplace by making it mandatory to develop and disseminate important information about the identities and hazards related to chemicals.

Do You Understand Lockout Tagout?

To prevent injuries or death in the workplace, companies large and small must take active measures to educate their workers on the potential hazards associated with their jobs. This education should include comprehensive procedures for servicing machines or equipment that pose a risk to employees.

How Energy Prices Are Creating Industrial Manufacturing Safety Concerns

Energy prices are on the rise, and they’re hurting the bottom line. To improve profitability without damaging productivity, some industrial manufacturing companies are taking steps to use their energy resources more efficiently.

What Should & Shouldn’t Be Included on Your EHS Professional Resume

How can you tell if your resume has what hiring managers are looking for while hiring? This article lists the best and worst practices to help you create that perfect EHS professional resume.

How to Handle Heat Stress Prevention & Training: Spotting Heat Stress Symptoms and More

Heat stress is one of the most dangerous workplace hazards and is a threat to anyone working in hot environments or is otherwise exposed to extreme heat. If affected workers can’t cool down in time, they may start to experience a variety of symptoms that can lead to serious health concerns.

What Businesses Need to Know About OSHA Violations & Increased Fines in 2022

Sometimes, it can feel like OSHA’s rules and regulations are a moving target. And in fact, the administration routinely reviews its standards to make sure that they are staying relevant in the modern workplace.

How OSHA 10 Makes Your Company and Employees Safer

To improve safety measures at your company, you may want to invest in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10-hour training for your workers. Primarily intended for entry-level employees, the OSHA 10 training addresses workplace safety and prepares workers for routine hazards they may encounter.

Black History Month Spotlight: Bradford Holman

In honor of Black History Month, an annual observance of Black and African Americans’ accomplishments through adversity, YellowBird is celebrating Black EHS Professionals from across the country. We chatted with Bradford Holman, CSP, ASP, OHST, CHST, CSHO, SSH, LSP, CSM, COSS, CSD, ASC.

Black History Month Spotlight: Crystal D. Turner-Moffatt, The Safety Diva™

In honor of Black History Month, an annual observance of Black and African Americans’ accomplishments through adversity, YellowBird is celebrating Black EHS Professionals from across the country. We chatted with Crystal D. Turner-Moffatt Ph.D. (can) MS CSP SMS ASP CHST, read on to learn more about “The Safety Diva.”

The Important Role of HR Compliance in Safety

Today, behind the scenes of every successful company there is an experienced and dedicated HR compliance team. In short, HR compliance ensures all individuals within a company adhere to the most current laws and regulations by establishing guidelines that align with external agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

How Safety Consultant Services Can Help Prevent Event Tragedies

Unfortunately, accidents do happen from time to time due to a variety of factors. A lack of resources, a lack of adequate safety planning, and errors in plan implementation may lead to event tragedies.

Your HR Compliance Checklist In 2022

YellowBird is a two-sided marketplace that matches companies with EHS professionals who have specializations in a variety of areas including HR compliance. Join today, and quickly get matched with qualified professionals who can help position your organization for a safe and compliant 2022.

Stop Overlooking Fire Safety Training

Among the many disruptions that can impact your business, a fire is by far one of the most dangerous and potentially devastating. It’s essential to educate your employees on proper fire safety training so that you can ensure a safe and secure work environment for everyone.

Which OSHA Courses Do Your Employees Need

By implementing industrial standards and educating both employees and employers on proper safety practices, OSHA has been able to boost worker safety while helping businesses realize the full benefits of proper safety precautions. However, the diversity of safety protocols needed across American workplaces makes choosing the proper OSHA courses a daunting task.

What is the Environmental, Social, and Governance Criteria? (And How Would Your Business Score?)

A company’s environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) score describes its perceived performance on environmental, social, and governance topics to consumers. The issues can be materially important to a company’s stakeholders and compelling for other non-financial reasons.