6 Safety Trends We’re Watching in 2021


Contemplating bringing a Safety Consultant on site but not sure where to start? Check out the Safety Trends of 2021 to ring in the new year in style and safety! 

1. New Political Administration and the Historical Trend of Additional Compliance Regulations

In the middle of January, the United States will officially have a new president. Historically, when a new president takes office, there is a trend of new compliance regulations put in place during their first year in office. Many believe that the new administration will look into adding additional mandatory safety regulations related to COVID-19 as one of its first actions. It is likely that the new administration will undue much of the deregulation that has taken place over the past four years, and experts seem to agree that changes will occur quickly. Having an EHS Consultant or an OSHA Consultant on demand can help you comprehend the new regulations fully and ensure your workspace is compliant to avoid hefty OSHA fines later on. 

2. COVID Testing in the Workplace

In the climate of a pandemic, clients are increasingly requiring COVID Testing of consultants who are on site at a client location. While we are all familiar with the generic guidelines (wear your mask, social distancing, washing your hands, etc), many companies are requesting third party vendors get tested so the company can protect their full time employees. Safety consultants and freelancers should be clear about the processes they use to keep their customers safe while on site. For businesses…Do you have a COVID strategy in place? YellowBird has a Return to Work protocol where YellowBird Professionals can recommend a variety of administrative controls tailored to your workspace (be it an office, university, manufacturing facility, or other worksites). 

3. The Construction Industry Retains Its #1 Spot on All OSHA Lists

The pandemic slowed new construction starts in 2020, but 2021 construction looks more promising, according to construction economist Ed Zarenski. The construction industry is also facing a backlog of projects that slowed or stopped as a result of the pandemic. Construction projects are expected to resume, and safety will of course be needed. 

4. Increased Online Safety Training

With social distancing still playing a large factor in training settings, online training has risen in popularity. We anticipate that 2021 will be the year of online safety training to keep employees safe and healthy during the pandemic. With a plethora of platforms available, trainings can include variety to keep employees engaged. 

5. Continuous Increase in Professional Certifications

With “work from home” being the new normal, many safety consultants have extra time on their hands and are taking the opportunity to broaden their certification horizons. Every certification they achieve adds something new to their mental toolbox so they’re sharp in a variety of areas for EHS Consulting!

6. COVID Has Changed the Workplace, Safety Consultants Will Adapt

Safety consultants may need to venture into a new field of safety or learn a new safety trade. For example; a Generalist may need to get credentials and certifications in a new field of safety such as Environmental Management, Industrial Hygiene, or Risk Management.  This will enable the consultant to be more versatile in the audience they service and also make them more valuable to their employer with their new knowledge. 

The 2021 Safety Trends are just beginning. If you need help with any of these or your own safety needs, contact YellowBird today!