One Year In On Our YellowBird Journey!

10/27/2020 by Michelle Tinsley

Wow. I can’t believe I have hit the one-year mark since Michael and I founded YellowBird.  We have achieved so much already, and I’m thrilled to look back on the progress we have made.  Then I wonder- what might this look like two years or five years from now?  

Here Are a Few of Our Accomplishments:

  • Finalized Version 1 of our EHS Professional matching platform November 2019. 
  • Hit our target of 50 match-ready safety professionals by the end of 2019. Today we have more than 230 job-ready safety professionals across all certifications on our platform, with another 1700 safety professionals currently being verified by the YellowBird team!
  • We booked our first revenue in January of 2020, and we haven’t looked back! In Q3, we hit a revenue that was 14X that of Q1 2020.  
  • We are weathering the Pandemic!  March was a rough month for us as we had to cancel all of our training jobs due to COVID. We even had a safety professional get stuck outside the USA when the international borders closed.  We have pivoted to now enable the highest skilled professionals on our platform to deliver a COVID-19 protocol that helps businesses reopen (or stay open) safely.
  • We have more than doubled our employees- now at 7, soon to be 8. Each employee has an amazing background and skills to bring to the table. We hired our first representative in Houston, TX! We are a very diverse team and look to continue to build our team in 2021. 
  • Our platform is designed to scale. We strive to automate out the friction, remove human touch points so we can handle 10x, then 100x the volume in the future.  
  • We moved into our new “Nest” an amazing suite in Phoenix, AZ that was just renovated.  We love having our own space…and it has room for us to grow as we onboard new clients and employees!
  • Our leadership team defined our culture and values last December. We are actively using these and hire folks that are energized by our values.  We’re proud of the culture we are building for our internal team, and our safety professionals!
  • We are also leveraging the Entrepreneurial Operating System – a framework to organize our activities and keep us focused on the highest impact activities.

I am so grateful to have taken this course- there has certainly been a LOT of work over the last year- late nights and weekends included.  I am fueled by the knowledge that we are creating something special and making workplaces safer across the US.  This story is not finished- follow us on social media to see how we are progressing!

Thanks for listening!

Michelle Tinsley