The Beauty of EHS Consulting

Whether you like to work independently or in a team setting, you can find a niche for yourself within the Environmental,

Safety is the Smart Career Move: Why Becoming an EHS Professional is Satisfying and Smart

Becoming an EHS professional is a great career move for many reasons but here are some of our favorites:

Demand Has Increased

With new regulations and compliance requirements,

The Benefits of Attending EHS Conferences

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) or Risk Management conferences can be a worthwhile investment for both organizations passionate about safety and EHS Professionals.

Safety Leadership: It’s More Than Just a Title

Safety leadership is critical in promoting a culture of safety and reducing accidents and injuries. A crucial first step is to differentiate the roles of safety manager and safety leader.  

9 Tips on Self-Care for EHS Professionals


What is it and why is everyone talking about it? To put it simply, it’s learning to meet your needs first before helping others,

Why Employees Should Have CPR and AED Certification

Cardiac arrest happens when the heart suddenly fails to function properly, potentially causing individuals to collapse and lose consciousness. According to OSHA estimates,

Do You Understand Lockout Tagout?

Unfortunately, preventable injuries in workplaces across the U.S. remain a very real reality. According to data compiled by the National Safety Council,

What Should & Shouldn’t Be Included on Your EHS Professional Resume

For many companies, the process of hiring an environmental health and safety (EHS) professional can be expensive. Therefore, these companies need to make sure that the person they hire for the job will positively impact their business.Applicants for an EHS professional job must polish their resumes well enough to be shortlisted for an interview.

How OSHA 10 Makes Your Company and Employees Safer

To improve safety measures at your company, you may want to invest in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10-hour training for your workers.

The 6 Keys to Finding the Best EHS Jobs as a Consultant

The demand for environmental health and safety (EHS) jobs has been rising. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the EHS profession will grow by 7 percent per year between now and 2030.

What Will You Gain From an OSHA 30 Training?

An OSHA 30-hour training verifies that an individual has received education on workplace health and safety standards. In 1970, OSHA — or the Occupational Health and Safety Administration — was established to protect individuals from unsafe work conditions.

Want to Be an EHS Consultant? 9 Steps to Build an EHS Solo or Small Business

The Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) space is a natural fit for independent contractors. Instead of hiring EHS pros in-house, many companies outsource their needs to freelancers or external teams.

The Changing Face of EHS: The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in EHS Workforces

Diversity and inclusion are important for any working environment, and the EHS industry has been making progress to become a more diverse and inclusive industry.

6 Safety Trends We’re Watching in 2021

Contemplating bringing a Safety Consultant on site but not sure where to start? Check out the Safety Trends of 2021 to ring in the new year in style and safety! 

Certifications: How They Make EHS Pros More Effective

The amount of time and effort poured into getting certifications is something to be proud of! Here we’ll dive into a couple different certifications and why they are important to YellowBird and the EHS Community.