The Beauty of EHS Consulting

by Olufunke Osaigbovo

Whether you like to work independently or in a team setting, you can find a niche for yourself within the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) industry. Some EHS professionals want to do something that benefits others and society at large. Some don’t want to get stuck with working in just one monotonous field. Some may get bored easily or find our jobs uninteresting after doing the same thing repeatedly. But, believe me, EHS consulting is not boring.

I have been privileged to work on several projects within several different sectors, and this has widened my knowledge and skills.  

Years ago, as I walked into a new client’s job site, I felt apprehension. “Will I be able to do the job to the level that will satisfy my clients and the agency?” I thought to myself. I had taken a short break from EHS work and had lost a bit of my confidence. Soon, my apprehension gave in to confidence and sheer joy. As I started the Mock OSHA inspection, I discovered that I was not only in my element, but was enjoying it, too.  

That marked the beginning of my journey with YellowBird. I had thought nothing of it when I registered, but, in the end, I got an experience that brought me back to my element. I received several jobs after that, and the system worked for me. I built my resume as I worked, and this ultimately led me to a full-time job with an EHS Consulting firm. 

My experience with YellowBird has been incredible. While working my regular job and trying to get a full-time position as an EHS specialist, YellowBird offered me a great opportunity, which further reaffirmed my love for EHS consulting. I have had the opportunity of working on several YellowBird projects. 

My experience and love were fused into the jobs I was offered. I was able to work independently and at the same time work with a bunch of different people while meeting deadlines and solving problems. 

The flexibility of the EHS consultant is second to none. As a consultant, working for clients with different needs, you must be able to prioritize tasks and manage your own time. I sometimes had multiple jobs at the same time, with tight deadlines. Don’t get me wrong, it was not an easy task. I sometimes only got a few hours of sleep, but it was when I wanted to sleep and how I wanted to manage my work. I had to take charge. Consulting teaches you a certain level of managerial skills and personal responsibility. 

EHS is a multi-disciplinary field. This means I get to learn new things from various industries while on the job. Did I mention that you must be a lifelong learner to enjoy EHS consulting? You also must have integrity. Safety is something that grows on you until it becomes a lifestyle.   

I got into the field of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) somewhat by accident, but I found I have loved every moment since. I’ve found that it’s true what they say… “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” 

About Olufunke Osaigbovo, YellowBird Pro

Olufunke, a YellowBird Pro, is a seasoned EHS Professional. She is a generalist having run an EHS consulting firm in Nigeria. She has over 25 years of experience both in the United States and in Nigeria, most of which are in the manufacturing industry. She is experienced in designing and building EHS Management Systems from the ground up and improving existing systems. She has written several EHS Audit Reports, Assessments, and Environmental Impact Assessments. She has also participated in several studies, one of which, established the Lagos State EPA and its standard limits (Nigeria).