The Origins of YellowBird (Part 2)

02/11/2020 by Michael Zalle, YellowBird CEO & Founder

We are taking flight! It’s been only 90 days since YellowBird EHS staffing marketplace went live. We are already ‘in revenue’ and we’ve learned so much. I’m documenting my journey, thoughts, and reflections. I hope to share my experiences, and what I’ve learned along the way.

First Reinforced Lesson: Be A Feedback Junkie.

Everything I need to know about my customer, our employees, our culture and our hurdles can be gathered through honest feedback and asking vulnerable questions. This part of the platform for the users but also internal. It’s amazing how much we can learn when listening!

I’ve embraced the ‘please call my baby ugly, it’s ok’ mindset. It’s not that I want to be embarrassed, nor am I some sort of masochist or man without an ego, but I truly want to change the nature of high skilled, professional work. We can’t do this if my team, my customers, my investors, and the community are afraid to hurt feelings. The only way to do this is to ask for the feedback and see if we can address these gifts (fears, worries, model/economics, the risk). I’ve become a feedback junkie so YellowBird can soar.

Here Is What I’ve Learned:

  1. Difference Makers: Environmental Health and Safety professionals embrace the idea of being ‘side gig’ consultants (on their terms). We must make it easy and impactful. The marketing, sales, accounting, and insurance are a big ‘draw’ for our community.
  2. Resources: Businesses are focused on the quality of our staff and experts. With under 4% unemployment, resources are tight. The feedback is that a minimum requirement to use a contractor is the background check, professional certificate checks, insurance, and an interview to make sure they have ‘soft’ skills. [This is a good thing, it’s our YellowBird requirement too]
  3. Speed: Patience is scarce and needs are immediate. YellowBird average ‘post to fill’ time is hours. We hear that having a qualified person in days, rather than weeks or months in the traditional hiring process, is truly unique.
  4. Can’t Fake It: If user experience (both company and the professional) isn’t ever improved by technology, features and human touch points, we should hang up our spurs. Everything we do needs to have a user experience benefit. Our reputation is everything. We are going viral already (200X our signup targets) staying focused on user experience on the platform and in-person is driving this growth.

* Photo: An actual YellowBirder, she worked 8 days last month. The client was thrilled and so was she.

Final Comments:

  • EHS Professionals: If you’ve pondered side consulting, you’re willing to share your skills, teaching and mentoring companies sign up (with no obligation to take jobs.. and it’s FREE).
  • Business Leaders: Try YellowBird. We have highly skilled resources for your projects, training, and planning (local and nationwide). No Hire Fees and a very deep roster (retired, mil/career transitioning and side work available) professionals. Try us out, take advantage of the promo’s and please give feedback.

Please stay tuned. . .

Thanks for listening!

M.B. Zalle