10 Easy Ways to Make a Positive Sustainable Impact


Happy Earth Day! It’s amazing how quickly less pollution has had positive changes on our planet. In Venice, Italy, the canals are clear for the first time in decades. In Los Angeles, they just celebrated 4 weeks of clean air per the Environmental Protection Agency!

Once things start to return to normal some of these exciting changes may begin to reverse but there are other impacts you can make to positively impact our Earth!

Our Top 10 Favorite Ways to Practice Sustainability:

  1. Invest in a Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Many workspaces have installed water fountains to fill your bottles making this not only an eco friendly impact but also a wallet friendly one! 
  2. Reusable Bags: What do you do with all of your grocery store bags anyway? This is a quick option you just keep in your trunk and take into the store for grocery shopping. Many small stores are also open to using your reusable bags. 
  3. Skip the Single Use: Instead of using a ziploc bag or plastic straw, find reusable options!
  4. Recycle What You Can: If you’re like me, I have my Diet Coke everyday and some wine on the weekends. Hold onto those cans and bottles and recycle them. Instead of putting them in a landfill, they can have another life. 
  5. Go Paperless for Bills: You don’t want to see them in your mailbox anyway, why not save the paper and leave the mailbox for fun packages. 
  6. Keep a Coffee Mug at Your Desk: Fun coffee mugs are a quirky way to show your personality and keep you from using a single use coffee cup. 
  7. Carpooling: Do you and Dave from 2 cubes down work the same shift and live around the same part of town? By carpooling, you’re saving emissions, along with gas and mileage on your car for part of the week. 
  8. Make the Most of Laundry Day: If you don’t have a full load, wait til you do! Once you’ve got enough, make sure to run your washing machine on cold water to save extra energy and money. 
  9. Meal Prepping is a great way to not waste food, eat healthier, AND save money by not eating out! It’s a Win-Win-Win! 
  10. Take Your Lunch to Work: Remembering to take your meal prep to the office is one way to cut down on your eating out and use of to-go containers. 

We hope these tips and tricks will help you make eco friendly choices this Earth Day! For more friendly tips like this, check out the YellowBird blog page.