EHS Consulting

YellowBird’s Professional Environmental, Health and Safety Consultants have a wide range of knowledge across the EHS arena in almost every industry you can think of. Our Pros combined have over 200 unique certifications and on average 13+ years of experience in EHS. Check out some of our top requested EHS services below.

Safety Manager

Whether you need an on-site Safety Manager for a short or long term basis, incident response requiring an audit, daily safety audits, or more, YellowBird can help!

Safety Coordinator

Looking for someone more entry level to help grow your business? Consider hiring a Safety Coordinator to bring your safety to the next level.

Virtual Safety Consultation

Virtual session with a Risk or EHS Professional via Zoom to ask questions, review potential needs, and figure out what your business needs to succeed in safety. Hours based on scope of consultation, 2 hour minimum.

Safety Walkthrough

Safety Walkthroughs help identify hazards, unsafe conditions and keep a regular checklist for better safety at work. The purpose of the walkthrough is to evaluate safety conditions and helps in improvement of processes at workplace.

Workplace Health & Safety Trainings

OSHA, First Aid, CPR, and more, our Professionals can train on anything EHS related.

Emergency Response Management

When something goes wrong and you don’t know where to start, call YellowBird. We can help get your operation back on track and in compliance.

EHS Consulting FAQs

What is Environmental Health and Safety?

Environmental Health and Safety (Also known as EHS) is an area designed to protect employees and the environment. EHS covers a wide variety of scenarios to keep employees safe and healthy while on the job.

What does an EHS specialist do?

An EHS Specialist’s responsibilities include the development of all company safety operations concerning the fire, emergency, safety, and environmental programs. The EHS specialist is also responsible for all safety policies including the federal, state, and local regulations and codes.

Does my company need an EHS professional ?

Every company at some point will have an EHS need. Our EHS consultants and professionals are on-demand and available to you as soon as you need them.

How do you get EHS certified?

Many different niche certifications exist within the EHS ecosystem. Some of the most commonly asked for certifications are Certified Safety Professional (CSP), The Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST), Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), and people certified to teach OSHA classes.