Why We Invest in Insuring the YellowBird Pros  

While the YellowBird Pros help keep your company as safe as possible, insurance is our backup for when things take an unexpected turn. That’s why we offer our Pros impressive insurance coverage when they work YellowBird jobs. 

These insurance policies are a huge benefit to the organizations we work with. By providing insurance coverage to our Pros, our clients can transfer the risk associated with their operations to the insurance provider, which can reduce overall liability. In the event of an accident or damage caused by a YellowBird Pro, the insurance coverage can provide our clients’ financial protection, mitigating the financial impact of a potential loss. This coverage provides peace of mind for companies by reducing some of the uncertainty and risk associated with working with contractors. 

For the YellowBird Pros, this provides the opportunity to work on the side without needing to pay for your own insurance as you go. Now, you can focus on what matters most: keeping the end client compliant and safe.  

What Policies Cover YellowBird Pros?

Occupational Accident Coverage (OAC): Our OAC policy covers our Pros against any injury or disability that occurs while working a YellowBird job. After a Pro completes the onboarding process, they are added to our census of covered individuals. Our operations team sends each Pro a certificate so they have all the information needed should they need to file a claim.  

Personal Liability: This policy covers the professional work of our Pros while they are working YellowBird jobs. This $1 Million policy handles any claims of errors or omission on the work from our Pros.  

Hired/Non-Owned Auto Coverage: This policy protects our Pros from auto accidents in relation to driving to, from and during a YellowBird job. The primary coverage in an accident is the Pro’s personal auto insurance but this acts as a secondary safeguard.  

We are committed to the safety of our own Pros and as part of that commitment, we offer this coverage. This way, our Pros can do what they do best without worrying about coverage, and the Companies know that YellowBird has it under control.  

Interested in starting your side hustle in EHS and taking advantage of these great insurance policies? Get started as a YellowBird Pro today to expand your career!