Environmental Services

Environmental Compliance can be compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state regulations or local regulations. It can mean working with companies on their emissions, waste disposal, chemical use, pollution, or reporting and permitting, among other things. It can also refer to wildlife management and the ethical responsibility to protect the environment and all living things associated with it (human, animal, vegetation, etc).

Environmental Compliance Audit

This audit can ensure you are following all EPA laws and guidelines to avoid hefty fines. A YellowBird Environmental Compliance Professional can provide recommendations detailed to your work environment.

Air Quality Compliance

From an air quality compliance inspection to stack testing, emission measurement and assistance in obtaining permits, our Pros are here to help get your facility in compliance and on track to less pollution.

Sustainability Survey

Curious what your organization could be doing better to create less waste? Have a YellowBird Professional observe your worksite and provide suggestions to make your business more sustainable.

Hazardous Materials Management

Waste generated from crude oil and natural gas exploration and production are subject to regulation. Proper waste management is important for all exploration and production wastes, including those that are associated with hydraulic fracking activities, let a Professional help you develop a plan for your waste.

Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC)

SPCC plans exist to prevent, control, or counteract an oil spill. A proper plan will entail a circumspect set of action steps that can be proactively taken to guard against a spill.