Introducing Seamless EHS Service Scheduling with YellowBird 

Experience a whole new level of efficiency with our enhanced job scheduling process! Introducing a game-changing feature that will improve how Organizations and Professionals schedule their EHS services with YellowBird.

For YellowBird Organizations

Say goodbye to the hassle of limited scheduling options. Now, you can provide multiple potential start dates when creating a job on the YellowBird platform. With this flexibility, finding the perfect match with the right Professional is quicker than ever before, seamlessly managing the logistics of your EHS service with ease and precision.

  1. Select multiple start dates; Click “Add Dates” if you have additional dates to include
  2. Update the “Expected Number of Hours” for this job
  3. Click “Add Scheduling Notes” to include further details YellowBird and the matched Pro need to know to complete the job
  4. Complete the job details and post your job!
  5. When a qualified YellowBird Pro accepts your posted job, they will select the job date that works for their schedule

For YellowBird Professionals

With our latest feature, Professionals gain the power to align YellowBird jobs with their busy schedules. After accepting a job, you can now choose your preferred date from the options provided by the Organization and unlock the ability to juggle multiple jobs while efficiently managing your availability.

  1. When accepting a job, select the start date of the options listed that works best with your schedule.
  2. Select “Accept” if it works with your schedule.
  3. Check the two check boxes to confirm 1) your experience level matches the job description and 2) you will complete the job as listed.
  4. Select “Yes, I accept this job.”

Stay tuned for more YellowBird Updates coming soon.