How to Keep Employees Engaged in Safety Training

When employees hear they have to go through a safety training, many will spend the time daydreaming about other parts of their lives. Here are several ways to keep your employees engaged during training.

  1. Consider Employee Input for Topics. If there are a variety of topics you could possibly cover, consider asking your employees their interest level on each topic. By presenting on a topic they are interested in from the beginning, they’re more likely to absorb the information.
  2. Make It Interactive. Whether you utilize hands on learning, gamification, polls or activities, find ways to make the training more than just a presentation by including interactive ways to keep their minds stimulated as you present.
  3. It Doesn’t Have to Be Dry! While safety is a serious topic, you can still work a joke or two into your presentation to keep the mood light.
  4. Minimize Distractions. Ask employees to leave their phones tucked away for the duration of the training so their attention can be focused on the the important content you’re delivering.
  5. Make It Relevant. Talking about examples closer to home will help people understand this is happening right in their backyard and encourage them to take action when appropriate.
  6. Offer Free Food. If in the budget, everyone loves a good donut or slice of pizza on a Friday! This is also a great way to encourage attendance.
  7. Incorporate Safety & Trainings as Part of Your Company Culture. If employees come into work every day knowing that Safety and Trainings/Life-Long Learning are a part of your culture, they’ll be more open to routinely participating in trainings to further their own development and growth.

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