Giving Back as an OHS Professional
Webinar with S4NP

Date & Time:
Thursday, April 11, 2024 @ 10-10:30 AM MST

Join speaker Sharon Shindel to discuss how US-based non-profits wrestle with limited knowledge of their operations’ safety, their limited capabilities to address those risks, and how Safety for Nonprofits (S4NP) was made to address those concerns. This presentation describes S4NP’s formation, whom they serve, how to volunteer, and case studies on the work they have performed for nonprofits as well as how safety and health professionals can give back to the profession and the community.  Safety for Nonprofits, Inc. supplies the infrastructure and process for health & safety professionals to provide pro-bono consulting services to support the nonprofit sector and reduce the risk of injuries/illnesses when people volunteer and give back in their communities

Sharon’s Bio: Sharon Shindel is an Encore Fellow and the Arizona Team Lead for S4NP. She holds an MS in Public Health from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and recently retired from the Global EHS team at Intel Corporation after 27 years. Sharon has received both CIH and CSP certifications.