Canary Club Spotlight: Soil Connect

Welcome, Soil Connect, to the Canary Club! This partnership offers you exclusive benefits to learn, grow and network with Risk Management, EHS Professionals and Organizations.

What is YellowBird?

YellowBird is a comprehensive EHS and Risk Management platform that simplifies the complex and fragmented world of safety and loss control management. With thousands of YellowBird Professionals registered, the technology solution is the go-to platform for simplifying EHS and Risk Management.

What is Soil Connect?

Soil Connect is a digital construction services company that connects those who have dirt and aggregates with those who need it.

How Does this Partnership Benefit Me?

We know that EHS Professionals work diligently to keep people safe. But one safety hero is still just one person! When you need more safety support at your organization, you can take advantage of posting a Risk Management or EHS job on YellowBird, and quickly get matched with another certified and vetted professional. Receive $250 off your first matched job when you sign up using Soil Connect’s name!

Fall Protection Remains One of the Top OSHA Violations

Proper Fall Protection training for your employees can mean the difference between life and death. According to the National Safety Council, more than 800 workers were killed in 2020 from falls in the workplace, and another 211,640 suffered injuries that were substantial enough to require time off from work. To help reduce these numbers, it’s incumbent upon every employer to provide its employees with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to properly navigate situations in which fall hazards are present.

It’s virtually impossible to control every aspect of a work environment, and when it comes to fall protection, occasional incidents or near misses are bound to happen. With that said, there are several simple ways general industry leaders can improve their existing fall protection practices to ensure greater safety for every worker at their job sites.

Check out the YellowBird blog to learn more about how Fall Protection can make a difference on your job site.