Canary Club Spotlight: Billy For Insurance

We are thrilled to welcome Billy For Insurance to the Canary Club! This partnership offers you exclusive benefits to learn, grow and network with Risk Management, EHS Professionals and Organizations. 

What is YellowBird?

YellowBird is a comprehensive EHS and Risk Management platform that simplifies the complex and fragmented world of safety and loss control management. With thousands of YellowBird Professionals registered, the technology solution is the go-to platform for simplifying EHS and Risk Management.  

What is Billy For Insurance?

Billy For Insurance is a leading provider of cloud-based insurance and management software and are helping transform one of the oldest, largest, and least digitized industries in the world. Billy focuses on construction, connecting and empowering the industry’s key stakeholders, such as owner, general contractors, specialty contractors, architects, and engineers, to purchase and manage insurance on any internet enabled device.

Billy’s platform is modernizing and digitizing insurance management by enabling the construction industry to connect with insurance stakeholders (brokers and carriers) to access critical project information, simplifying complex workflows, and facilitating seamless communication.

Adoption of Billy’s platform helps construction insure risk faster and enhances financial transparency and accountability.

How Does this Partnership Benefit Me?

We know that EHS Professionals work diligently to keep people safe. But one safety hero is still just one person! When you need more safety support at your organization, you can take advantage of posting a Risk Management or EHS job on YellowBird, and quickly get matched with another certified and vetted professional. Receive $250 off your first matched job when you sign up using Billy’s name! 

How Does Better Safety Culture Reduce Insurance & Workers’ Comp Risk?

Safe workplaces are good for employees and good for business. For insurance carriers and risk management professionals, better environmental health and safety (EHS) programs result in lower risk. Improved EHS programs can help workers stay safe, as well as improve morale and reduce absenteeism. Insurers can play a major role in helping companies improve their programs. Read more on the YellowBird Blog.