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As a listener of the Canary in a Coal Mine podcast, you know that in every episode, our interviewed guests ask an open question to YellowBird Pros about the main topic of the episode. Then we invite our EHS professional listeners to share their knowledge and opinions with everyone listening.

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Questions to Answer

Submission Deadline: May 30, 2024

What is the highest risk operation you have seen at a nonprofit and what did you as a safety professional do to remedy that risk?

Important Tips

The recording should be between 1-2 minutes long. Please keep your answer short and concise!

Record in a quiet place.
This will avoid troublesome background noise that will make it hard to hear your response.

Hold the phone to your ear like you’re making a phone call, instead of holding it in front of your face. Your voice will be clearer this way.

It’s ok if there is a pause or silence at the beginning or end (or even in the middle!) of the recording. We will edit that silence out! 

How Do I Record & Send My Voice Memo?

The following instructions are for iPhone users; however, Android users should be able to follow similar instructions by finding the voice recorder app on your device.  

Step 1

● Select Voice Memos

● When you’re ready to record your answer, click the red button at the bottom of the screen

● State your name and occupation, then record your answer. 

Step 2

● Once finishing recording and happy with the result, click on the ellipses (…)

● Select “Edit Recording,” then change the name of the recording by tapping on the temporary name of the recording and typing in: First Name Last Name_Podcast” (I.e. John Smith_Podcast)

● Once the name is entered, click “Done.”

Step 3

● To send the file to the YellowBird team and be considered for inclusion, click the ellipses again

● Click “Share”

● Select the Messages icon, then type in [email protected]

● Click Send. A member of the marketing team will confirm receipt of the Voice Memo shortly.

Our team will do our best to include your memo, but please be aware that we may not be able to include all submissions.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].