Work EHS Jobs on the Redesigned YellowBird Dashboard

Getting matched with jobs as a Risk & Environmental, Health, and Safety professional just got easier.

The YellowBird dashboard has been redesigned with a new look and list of features aimed at helping EHS professionals find gigs easier and get paid faster than ever before.

Improvements to the onboarding process let you track your progress toward matching with companies across the country, and a new comprehensive profile enables professionals to showcase all of their experience in one place.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s dive in and explore everything the redesigned YellowBird platform has to offer.

Track your progress with improved onboarding

The new YellowBird dashboard now shows you exactly where you are in the onboarding process, helping you keep on track towards becoming match-ready so you can land your first gig.

Our new interface shows you which steps you’ve already completed, and which ones are still necessary before you can start getting matched with EHS jobs in your area.

There are four steps to becoming match-ready:

  • Schedule an intro meeting
  • Sign up for orientation
  • Complete background check
  • Enter banking and W9 details

In the new dashboard, you can easily complete each of these steps all from one place. Just click on the next step to take the necessary actions to move forward. Once all steps are complete and you’ve verified your certifications, you’ll be ready to start working jobs with YellowBird.

Showcase your skills on the new profile page

The redesign also introduces a new, comprehensive profile view. Here you can view and edit your experience, skills, certifications, and education all in one place.

This resume-style view lets you showcase abilities and accomplishments as an EHS professional. It’s a great way to highlight what you can offer to companies you match with on the YellowBird platform. The Profile Summary gives you an overview of all the skills and experience you’ve added. To edit your profile, click one of the sections on the left side of the screen.

You can add any of YellowBird’s accepted industry certifications on the Credentials and Certifications page. Add your existing certifications first, then return and add more as you earn them. You will be required to upload documentation to verify any certifications you add to your profile.

Review companies you work with through YellowBird

The new dashboard also allows you to review companies you’ve worked for through YellowBird.

We value your feedback, and so do the companies who post jobs on YellowBird. To fill out a review, navigate from the dashboard to the “My Jobs” page, then select “My Past Jobs.” You can only review completed jobs. These reviews are anonymous; only you and YellowBird can view your responses.

From this view, you can select a completed job and write your review. You’ll be asked to review the company’s communication and expectations, as well as how satisfied you think it will be with your work. Finally, you’ll be asked if you’re open to working with the company again in the future.

This is your opportunity as a YellowBird professional to have your voice heard. A YellowBird employee will review your submission and use it to inform future interactions with you and the company. Help shape the future of YellowBird by submitting your review on the new dashboard today!