Leading Vs. Lagging Indicators

Date & Time:
July 25, 2024 @ 1:30-2PM CST

By analyzing both leading and lagging indicators, organizations can develop a comprehensive safety management system that not only addresses current issues but also proactively prevents future incidents. Join us for an insightful event featuring Dr. Joe Jackens from Columbia Southern University to delve into the critical distinctions and applications of leading and lagging indicators in business and economics. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how these indicators can be used to predict future trends, assess current performance, and drive strategic decision-making. This event promises to provide valuable knowledge for professionals looking to enhance their analytical skills and improve their organization’s performance. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Joe Jackens, PhD, one of the foremost authorities with over 15 years as an educator and professional in EHS fields.

Dr. Jackens holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Science, a Master of Science in Safety Sciences, and a Doctorate in Safety Sciences from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, as well as a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering and a Certificate in Mining Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. He has worked in the field of Environmental Health and Safety for close to 20 years in several different roles, in an environmental testing laboratory, as a project manager for a consulting firm, and as a facility health and safety professional in both facilities regulated by OSHA general industry regulations and by MSHA mining regulations.  In addition, he has worked with various academic institutions as a course writer and instructor. In his current role, he is a Full-Time Instructor at Columbia Southern University in the College of Safety and Emergency Services. 

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