YellowBird Insurance Safety Consultants

While EHS Consulting Services have their own broad range of topics, industries, niche skills, certifications and more, the insurance industry can benefit in a variety of ways from EHS Services. Whether it’s a training & certification program to help bring down a client’s rates or a loss prevention visit to help your client achieve best practices, our YellowBird EHS Professionals can help.

Loss Control Assessment

This on-site visit consists of reviewing administrative documents (safety plans, recordkeeping, etc.) and a site inspection of daily operations looking for leading indicators of current and potential loss drivers, hazards and exposures. A comprehensive report with safety recommendations for best practices moving forward will be provided following the audit.

Risk Management

Work with a YellowBird Professional to create or review your Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) . Your company will minimize the risk of work-related injuries and claims, prevent property damage, and reduce legal claims.

Safety Manager On Demand

Whether for a day, a week, a month, or longer, YellowBird Professionals can step in as your on-site Safety Manager to enforce regulations and maintain compliance, review health and safety guidelines with employees through toolbox talks, site specific safety training and more.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Investigation

By investigating recent Workers’ Comp Claims and Injury Incidents and Trends YellowBird Professionals can ensure the client has provided proper training before and after the claim to prevent a repeat occurrence.

Workers’ Comp Class Code Audits

Ensuring your employees are properly classified must be completed for all current and new employees. This is to ensure the workers compensation carrier is collecting the correct amount of premium for your policy. Not having employees properly classified can impact the ability to maintain the policy and have State fines. A YellowBird Pro will review and determine the proper class codes for compliance.

Subcontractor/Independent Contractor Exposure/Certificates of Insurance

Using subcontractors and independent contractors without current and valid workers’ compensation coverage can have a negative impact on your business should they be injured on your premise or under your direction. A YellowBird Pro can review your Certificate of Insurance program to ensure any non-worksite employees you may hire have proper coverage. Your Pro can also help you update and maintain your COI program.

EHS for Insurance FAQs

How does YellowBird help me achieve my safety goals?

Our goal everyday is that all of your employees go home safely. In order to achieve this goal, your company needs a safety action plan, emergency response plan, and other action items depending on your industry. Finding the right, reliable person to create these can be tricky. Let YellowBird provide you a subject matter expert to bring you and employees peace of mind.

What type of loss control do I need?

Representing a large variety of industries, YellowBird Pros can help with loss control on construction sites, manufacturing plants, restaurants, farms, and more. Contact our insurance experts at YellowBird to help identify your needs.

How does YellowBird adapt to insurance carrier’s needs?

We will work with you to determine exactly what you’re looking for (specific industry experience, certifications needed, general knowledge, etc.) to provide you with the best possible YellowBird Professional for your project. We’ll also work with you to put together a YellowBird partnership that fits with your specific needs.

How can YellowBird supplement my current in-house employees?

YellowBird has Professionals in all 50 states which saves you time and money on your internal employees’ travel.

How do you handle different Workers’ Compensation Laws?

YellowBird Pros are very familiar with local and state regulations to ensure compliance with your location specific needs.