YellowBird General Safety Consultants

Environmental, Health, and Safety Services are something every company needs, regardless of how big or small the company may be. Varying from industry to industry, at the bare minimum, every company should have a Safety Plan in place to protect their employees. While the needs remain top of mind, companies don’t always have the budget for a full time EHS Professional. And that’s where YellowBird can help.

YellowBird is an online marketplace that simply and easily connects Environmental Health and Safety Professionals with businesses on-demand. Our vetting process ensures the deep roster of nationwide professionals are interviewed, background checked, insured, and certified so they are ready to perform when needed. YellowBird uses technology to save companies 25% and match professionals with projects 15X faster than traditional consultants or staffing agencies.

Mock OSHA Inspection

While OSHA typically applies to high risk industries, they can audit any type of business. Conducting a mock OSHA inspection will allow our Professionals to identify gaps in the current health and safety program and provide positive recommendations. It also allows companies to learn what they are doing correctly and encourage those practices to continue. All these benefits will result in companies avoiding OSHA fines by abating hazards before they become a problem.

First Aid & CPR Training

Providing emergency care immediately to an injured person can save lives. This course will cover proper response for bleeding, burns, poisoning, shock and respiratory emergencies.

Training Content Creation

Not only can our Professionals perform pre written training like an OSHA10, they can also develop training that’s tailored to your company. Contact us to learn more.

EHS On-Site Assessment

A general EHS assessment includes observing and identifying potential compliance gaps, reviewing documentation, procedures, OSHA Logs, incident & accident review, safety policies and training in place. A written report will be provided with recommendations for improvements to keep your employees and business as safe as possible.

Foreign Language Training

Did you know that if your employees speak a language other than English, you are required to provide training in their native language? Our Pros speak many other languages including Spanish, Korean, Hindi, French, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and more, contact us today to learn more about a foreign language training.

EHS for General Industry FAQs

Do specific industries require EHS compliance?

Yes! Each industry has their own set of EHS standards and regulations in addition to various government regulations on their industry (ex OSHA, EPA, FDA, etc).

What industries are most at risk for EHS issues?

The industries that are most at risk for EHS incidents are Construction, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Health Services. Each industry has its own risks and EHS service needs based on the nature of work.

How can I improve my EHS performance?

Want to improve but not sure where to start? Hire a YellowBird Risk Management or EHS Professional to help you build your EHS plan.

What are the core three EHS disciplines?

The core disciplines of the EHS Industries are Occupational Hazards, Environmental Hazards, and Employee Training.