Canary Club – Safety Talk Ideas

Canary Club Spotlight – Safety Talk Ideas

Welcome Safety Talk Ideas to YellowBird’s Canary Club! This partnership offers you exclusive benefits to learn, grow and network with Risk Management and EHS Professionals.

What is YellowBird?

YellowBird is a Professional gig platform that quickly and easily connects vetted and certified Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management Professionals to opportunities on-demand. YellowBird uses matching technology to connect the right people, in the right location, with the right experience for the job.

What is Safety Talk Ideas?

Safety Talk Ideas is a content and membership website that provides Environmental, Health, and Safety Professionals with training materials.

How Does This Partnership Benefit Me?

All Match Ready YellowBird Pros and affiliated Cos can take advantage of 20% off Safety Talk Services. Not a Match Ready YellowBird Pro? Sign up today and get matched with job opportunities in your area, virtually, or have the chance to travel based on your skills and qualifications. Additionally, if you are a company interested in YellowBird services, you can sign up today and receive $250 off your first job order!

“Working with YellowBird has been a great experience. They are a wonderful interface between clients and professionals. They are fair and responsive. Payment comes in when due. I recommend them as a one-stop shop for professionals and those looking for EHS professionals.”

– YellowBird Professional

Common Mistakes Seen in Safety Audits

Safety audits play a critical role in helping companies maintain safe work environments. They ensure employee safety, help boost productivity and efficiency, and keep you compliant with your industry’s health and safety standards.

Despite your best efforts, there are still a lot of things that can go wrong. Understanding the potential pitfalls can help you avoid them. Check out the YellowBird Blog for your guide to learn more about the most common mishaps and ace your next safety audit.