Canary Club – Safeopedia

Canary Club Spotlight – Safeopedia

We are thrilled to welcome Safeopedia to our official Canary Club! This partnership offers exclusive benefits to learn, grow and network with Risk Management, EHS Professionals and Companies.

What is YellowBird?

YellowBird is a comprehensive EHS and Risk Management platform that simplifies the complex and fragmented world of safety and loss control management. With more than 5,000 YellowBird Professionals registered, the technology solution is the go-to platform for simplifying EHS and Risk Management.

What is Safeopedia?

Safeopedia is a comprehensive online resource for safety professionals and decision makers.

How Does this Partnership Benefit Me?

This partnership offers YellowBird Pros quick access to Safeopedia’s Resources, AD Safety Network and more. Not a current YellowBird Pro? Sign up today and get matched with job opportunities in your area, virtually, or have the chance to travel based on your skills and qualifications. Additionally, if you are a company interested in YellowBird services, you can sign up today and receive $250 off your first job order!

“Working with YellowBird has been a great experience. They are a wonderful interface between the clients and professionals. They are fair and responsive. Payment comes in when due. I recommend them as a one-stop shop for professionals and those looking for EHS professionals”

– YellowBird Professional

What Should & Shouldn’t Be Included on Your EHS Professional Resume

For many companies, the process of hiring an EHS professional can be expensive. Therefore, these companies need to make sure that the person they hire for the job will positively impact their business. Applicants for an EHS professional job must polish their resumes well enough to be shortlisted for an interview. You need to include just the right amount of information to prove you are the right candidate for the job.

How can you tell if your resume has what hiring managers are looking for while hiring? Check out the YellowBird Blog for the best and worst practices to help you create that perfect EHS professional resume.

The 6 Keys to Finding the Best EHS Jobs as a Consultant

The demand for environmental health and safety (EHS) jobs has been rising. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the EHS profession will grow by 7 percent per year between now and 2030. Additionally, the rise of the gig economy has opened the door for one-off, freelance, and contract work, giving EHS professionals numerous opportunities to find consulting jobs. Learn how you can find the right EHS job opportunities and land the best consulting gigs on the YellowBird Blog.