Inspections & Assessments

YellowBird has Professionals available on-demand for any Risk or EHS Inspection you need.

OSHA Mock Inspection

Conducting a mock OSHA inspection will allow our Professionals to identify gaps in the current health and safety program and provide positive recommendations. It also allows companies to learn what they are doing correctly and encourage those practices to continue. All these benefits will result in companies avoiding OSHA fines by abating hazards before they become a problem.

Safety Walkthrough

Safety Walkthroughs help identify hazards, unsafe conditions and keep a regular checklist for better safety at work. The purpose of the walkthrough is to evaluate safety conditions and helps in improvement of processes at workplace.

Environmental Compliance Audit

An environmental compliance audit is an independent evaluation of a company’s environmental legal obligations. This assessment will determine how well a company currently complies with those requirements and improvements that can be made to reduce fines.

Environmental Site Assessments

An environmental site assessment could also be seen as a Mock EPA inspection where a YellowBird Professional can identify gaps in your current environmental health program and provide recommendations. By having a third party evaluate your site, you can avoid EPA fines by abating hazards before they become a problem.

Loss Control Audit

A Loss Control Audit will review your organization’s current practices, identify leading indicators of loss, and provide best practices moving forward to help minimize the amount of claims against your insurance policy.

Industrial Hygiene Assessment

An Industrial Hygiene Assessment reviews the hazards in your workplace, the report allows you to review risks and determine whether enough precautions are in place to avoid incidents.

Job Safety Analysis

JSA is a safety tool that can be used to define and control hazards associated with a certain process, job, or procedure. It is a systematic examination and documentation of every task within each job to identify health and safety hazards, and the steps to control each task. If you don’t currently use JSAs, we can assist in designing and implementing this tool within your workforce.

Incident Review / Root Cause Analysis

When an incident occurs, you need to document what occured for your OSHA logs and ideally complete a root cause analysis. By finding the root cause, a company can discover coaching opportunities or refresher training that would prevent employees from repeating the incident.

Ergonomics Assessment

An ergonomics assessment provides different results and recommendations by employee. This process evaluates the risk of musculoskeletal disorders due to a workspace design that doesn’t match the employee’s capabilities, job, or comfort level. The goal is to improve employee well-being and with that, also their job performance.

Noise Dosimetry Assessment

Noise Dosimetry helps companies understand the sound levels on a job and individually personal noise exposure. By being aware of the noise levels, proper safeguards can be put in place to reduce or eliminate excessive noise to prevent hearing injuries

Inspection & Assessment FAQs

I don’t know what to choose, how do I know which inspection is right for my company?

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What if I need an inspection beside what’s listed above?

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